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 +====== SDN Workshop ======
 +**Dates:** 07-11 December 2020\\
 +**Location:** Online\\
 +  * The emergence of SDN is having a disruptive influence on the world of data networking and is leading to a fundamental re-think of how networks are designed.
 +  * This workshop will provide an understanding of the key technology elements of SDN via a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises.
 +**Target Audience**
 +  * Anyone currently operating an IP and/or MPLS network who is interesting in understanding the impact of SDN with a view to implementing elements of it in the near future.
 +  * This workshop is not an introduction.
 +  * It is assumed that the workshop participants have working knowledge of IP routing, MPLS protocols and traffic-engineering, along with know how to use a router command line interface.
 +  * The lab exercises use IOS-XR (XRv) CLI and Ubuntu VMs
 +We recommend the following Academy courses be completed before the start of the tutorial:
 +  * Routing Basics: [[]]
 +  * Introduction to Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) - [[]]
 +  * Virtual lab for MPLS LDP and MPLS Layer3 VPN (Cisco IOS) - [[]]
 +**Workshop topics**
 +  * History
 +  * Motivation for control and data plane separation
 +  * Architectural frameworks
 +  * OpenFlow
 +  * Topology discovery and management
 +  * Segment routing
 +  * OpenDayLight
 +**Other requirements**
 +  *Hardware: It is highly recommended that participants bring their own laptop computers with Wifi (b/g/n) and administrative access to system to practice the lessons learned during the workshops. It is also recommended that participants have a pre-installed desktop virtualization tool like virtual box or vmware on their machines.
 +  * Software: SSH Client, Telnet Client, VirtualBox/VMware
 +  * Confirm Secure SHell (SSH) is allowed from the office or home network to access the lab infrastructure? Test ssh connectivity, try to connect to For example from the CLI type: ssh
 +**Workshop Items**
 +  * [[sdn20201207-mm/agenda| Agenda]]  (includes links to presentations and schedule)
 +  * Instructors: Tashi Phuntsho (APNIC) and Warren Finch (APNIC)
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