Date: 1-2 July 2020
Location: Fiji
Venue: Online


  • Why do we keep seeing news headlines about major networks not being reachable because traffic got rerouted to somewhere else? BGP mishaps are very common and frighteningly very easy. Examples are malicious route hijacking, mis-origination (fat fingers), and bad filters (route leaks). We need better mechanism(s) to ensure no one can inject false information into the global routing system that easily.
  • This tutorial will look at current tools/techniques, how RPKI is just a piece in the puzzle, and what we should do to secure the Internet routing instead of waiting for an ideal solution that fixes all issues.

Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in understanding issues with securing the internet routing system and the use of filtering tools/techniques including filtering using ROAs.


  • This workshop is not an introduction - It is assumed that the workshop participants have a working knowledge of IP Routing (OSPF/IS-IS and BGP fundamentals), along with know how to use a router command line interface.
  • The lab exercises use Cisco CLI and Linux CLI.

Other Requirements

  • Software: SSH Client (Ex - PuTTy)

Workshop topics

  • Recent Routing Incidents
  • Current tools and techniques
  • RPKI framework: resource certificates, origin authority, chain of trust
  • Creating ROAs
  • Deploying RPKI validators
  • RTR configuration on routers
  • Filtering with ROAs (Route Origin Validation)
  • Path Validation - why and how?

Workshop Items

  • Agenda (includes links to presentations and schedule)
  • Instructors: Tashi Phuntsho (APNIC), Dave Phelan (APNIC)
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