RPKI Deployathon (before AusNOG2021)

  • Dates: 7th Dec 2021
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Host: APNIC
  • Venue: TBC

The RPKI Deployathon builds on the previous Deployathons held at APNIC48 (Chiangmai) and APRICOT2020 (Melbourne).

Guided by the facilitators, participants will work on how to:

  • Properly sign ROAs for your prefixes
  • Install, configure, and deploy RPKI Validators
  • Feed Validated ROA Payload (VRP) to routers
  • Configure infrastructure to implement ROV 

Participants will analyse the outcomes of each step, and summarise any improvements in operational processes to achieve these outcomes. The summaries/findings of each activity will be presented at Day-2 of AusNOG (lightning talk).

Participants will use Validators including Routinator, FORT, rpki-client, and rpki-prover, with accompanying routing implementations for IOS-XE/XR, JunOS, SR-OS, and others (BIRD, FRR).

The number of available places are limited, and participants need to have:

  • BGP routing experience.
  • Operated a live BGP network of at least 2 routers.
  • Operated and have access to an RIR member web site.

  • Participants also need to make a commitment to deploy RPKI and implement ROV in their network.

This is a full day event, and is targetted to AusNOG Conference week participants. All participants need to register and bring a laptop with working WiFi.

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