Introduction to Network Security

Time Schedule

Session 1 14:00 - 15:15
  • The above schedule is in Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10)


FL Name Email Organisation Country
WF Warren Finch warren(at)apnic(dot)net APNIC Australia
Tuesday Topic Inst Presentations Exercises Additional Resources
Session 1 Introduction to Network Security WF Introduction to NetSec
Topic Resources
Brain Dominant
Threat map
Network and Security trends Trustwave Global trends
Imperva DDoS attack trends 2019
Cisco Networking Trends Report 2020
Cisco Networking Trends Report 2021
European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), Threats and Trends
Enisa 2020 Threat Landscape
World Economic Forum, Global Risks
Red Canary 2021 Threat Detection Report - Threats
Red Canary 2021 Threat Detection Report - Techniques
Misc. Cybersecurity Glossary of Terms
Comptia Basic definitions
Biggest Data Breaches
Significant Cyber Incidents
Cybersecurity Reference Architecture
Enisa Network Forensics Handbook
Cybersecurity Best Practices Guide For IIROC Dealer Members
Network Simulation
Networking Lab Images From Arista, Cisco, nVidia
Mitigation ASD mitigation strategies
Using ATT&CK for threat intelligence
Infographic Defense in Depth FAN
CyberSecurity Maturity Model (CSMM)
InfoSec Colour Wheel
Parkerian Hexad
Unified Kill Chain
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