Lab Exercise 1 – BIND Installation

Understand the concept of Domain Name System, particularly installation and setup of BIND DNS.

For this lab, we will be using BIND, a free/open-source DNS application. Bind is the complete DNS software, which can be used as an authoritative or caching server or both. It is currently the most widely used DNS application on the Internet and is maintained by the Internet Services Consortium (ISC). The current version as of writing is Bind 9.9.5-P1.

  • DNS Bind
  • Operating System (preferred): Linux
  • Optional Software: Unbound, NSD, PowerDNS

Login to your assigned servers using a remote access tool (Terminal for Linux/Mac platform, or SSH software such as PuTTY for Windows).

password: training
  1. apt install bind9
  2. Verify the installation. Find the location where named is installed.
    which named
  3. Check the version number. If there was a previous BIND installation, this will tell you whether it is pointing to the new installation or not.
    /usr/local/sbin/named –v
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