Dates: 23-25 July 2018
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Venue: APJII


  • The objective of this workshop is to examine the key concepts, protocols and the policies involved in establishing and maintaining security for a network, and building an understanding and familiarity with their operation. Device and network infrastructure security is examined with a focus on different layers to establish a robust, stable and secure network and protect the data and processes that occur in the network.
  • The workshop also looks at the nature and structure of network attacks and the motivation that drives such on-line malicious activity.
  • The course further examines the actions and processes that can be used to identify, mitigate and respond to such attacks.

Target Audience

  • Engineers, Network Managers and Operators, and Security policy makers who are interested in network security and want to gain an understanding of the threats they face and how to mitigate such threats.


  • It is assumed that participants have a basic understanding of network operations and Internet technologies.

Workshop topics

  Network Security:
* Network security fundamentals
* Vulnerabilities and Mitigation on different layers of the TCP/IP stack
* Cryptography and PKI
* Device and Infrastructure Security
* Operational Security and Policies
* Intrusion detection and prevention
* IPv6 Security
* DNS Security (TSIG/DNSSEC) 
* Route Filtering
* Security Operations

Workshop Items

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