Dates: 12-15 July 2019
Location: Nauru


  • This four-day workshop is designed to provide broad knowledge on a variety of topics relevant to Internet operations through a series of tutorials. The first one involves some fundamental background on Internet technologies, routing protocols, IP addressing, and Internet ecosystem. It is then followed by more in-depth tutorial on IPv6 Protocol, deployment and transition mechanisms. It also covers practical discussion of Network Security concepts and best practices.

Target Audience

  • Networking professionals, systems administrators or IT Support interested to further their knowledge of Internet protocol and technologies.


  • It is assumed that participants have some basic understanding of Internet technologies.

Workshop topics

Day 1 Internet Fundamentals and IRM

  Internet Ecosystem
  Internet Protocols and Operations
  Internet Resource Management
  IP Addressing
  DNS and Reverse DNS

Day 2 IPv6 Basics

  Intro to IPv6
  IPv6 Protocol Architecture
  IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting

Day 3 IPv6 Deployment

  IPv6 Deployment
  IPv6 Security
  Mobile IPv6 Operation
  IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Technologies
  Basic Internet Service Delivery using IPv6

Day 4 Network Security

  Network security fundamentals
  Network infrastructure security
  Monitoring and managing access
  Network Analysis

Workshop Items

  • Agenda (includes links to presentations and schedule)
  • Instructors: Sheryl Hermoso(APNIC), Jethro Tambeana (Vanuatu)
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