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Internet Multihoming Workshop

Dates: 03 April 2017
Location: Iloilo City, Philippines
Venue: Iloilo Convention Center


  • Internet connectivity is very important for many organizations to support their critical applications. One popular approach for improving Internet connectivity is to connect to more than one upstream Internet service provider (ISP) and the technique is called multi-homing. It helps the organization to have redundant Internet connection at the same time load balance traffic among multiple link.
  • This tutorial talks about necessary policy and technical understanding of Internet multi-homing. How to build a multi-homing network and necessary best practice to operate a multi-homing network for both service provider and an enterprise.

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for entry level IT technicians, engineers and operators who wish to advance their knowledge of IP networks.


  • Basic understanding of Internet networking, TCP/IP and Routing fundamentals is recommended.

Course Outline

  • How does the Internet work?
  • What is routing and routing protocols?
  • Autonomous System
  • APNIC IP address management policy for multi-homing
  • BGP general operation
  • Multi-homing technique with BGP routing protocol
  • BGP attributes to steer the traffic flow among multiple upstream
  • Live configuration demo on APNIC training ISP

Workshop Items

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