Dates: 26 Oct 2022
Location: Online


Open Lab aims to provide more lab time for participants. Trainers facilitate the session, provide support and help with troubleshooting as participants try to complete the labs.

This open lab focuses on Linux Basics and includes hands-on lab exercises on Linux commands and bash scripting.

Target Audience

This is an introductory topic catered for junior network/systems engineers, who wants to gain an understanding of Linux.


This workshop assumes that participants have some basic understanding of networking.

Other Requirements

  • Hardware: It is highly recommended that participants bring their own laptop computers with Wifi(b/g/n) and administrative access to system to practice the lessons learned during the workshops.
  • Software: SSH Client, Telnet Client (PuTTy)
  • Confirm Secure SHell (SSH) is allowed from the office or home network to access the lab infrastructure? Test ssh connectivity, try to connect to For example from the CLI type: ssh

Lab topics

  • Fundamentals of Linux

Workshop Items

  • Agenda (includes links to presentations and schedule)
  • Trainers: Epeli Tagi (Community Trainer)
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