IPv6 Workshop

Dates: 30 May –1 June 2018
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Venue: Howard Civil Service International House Taipei
Room 203
30,Sec.3, Xin Sheng South Road


  • This technical workshop is made up of lectures and hands-on lab exercise to teach the concept of IPv6 protocol architecture, its addressing structure, design issues when planning for IPv6 deployment focusing on IP core network. It discusses network infrastructure design principles for dual stack deployment, OSPFv3, MP-BGP, transition technologies etc. Also presented for understanding and to encourage best practice knowledge.

The course includes considerable practical work based on IPv6 and Cisco IOS router configuration commands.

Target Audience

  • Both Entry and/or mid level technical staff of ISP, network operators or enterprise, who are involved in day-to-day network operation and planning function.


  • It is assumed that participants have a basic understanding of network operations, Internet technologies, OSI reference model, TCP/IP and familiar with router operating system software (i.e Cisco IOS etc).

Workshop topics

  • Introduction to IPv6
  • IPv6 Protocol Architecture
  • IPv6 Addressing and Sub-netting (Including Hands-on Exercise)
  • IPv6 Host Configuration (Including Lab Exercise)
  • Network Design Overview and IPv6 Addressing Plan (Case Study)
  • IPv6 Routing Principals
  • Introduction to OSPFv3
  • Basic Router and IPv6 OSPF Configuration (Lab Exercise)
  • Introduction to MP-BGP
  • IPv6 iBGP, eBGP, RR, Peer group Configuration (Lab Exercise)

Workshop Items

  • Agenda (includes links to presentations and schedule)
  • Instructors: Tohid Naslpak (APNIC), Anurag Bhatia (HE)
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