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         Introduction to APNIC         Introduction to APNIC
         Internet registry policies         Internet registry policies
-        APNIC Whois Database 
-        MyAPNIC 
 **IPv6 Deployment:** **IPv6 Deployment:**
         Introduction to IPv6         Introduction to IPv6
-        IPv6 Protocol Architecture and IPv6 Features +        IPv6 Protocol Architecture 
-        IPv6 Addressing and Sub-netting +        IPv6 Addressing and Sub-netting (Including Hands-on Exercise)  
-        IPv6 Host Configuration +        IPv6 Host Configuration (Including Lab Exercise) 
-        IPv6 Deployment IP address PlanCase Study and Lab +        Network Design Overview and IPv6 Addressing Plan (Case Study
-        IPv6 Deployment in IGP i.e. OSPv3- Case Study and Lab +        Basic Router and IPv6 OSPF Configuration (Lab Exercise)  
-        IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Technologies and Tunneling Lab +        Recap of IPv6 Routing Principle 
-        IPv6 Deployment in EGP i.e. MP-BGP- Case Study and Lab +        IPv6 Deployment Scenarios for Broadband Access (Case Study
-        IPv6 and DNS+        IPv6 iBGP, eBGP, RR, Peer group Configuration (Lab Exercise) 
 +        IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Principle and Strategy (Case Study)     
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