Basic BGP Workshop

Dates: 27-28 November 2017
Location: Cebu, Philippines


  • This is a technical workshop, made up of lectures and hands-on lab work to teach the BGP skills required for network operators to peer at an Internet Exchange Point (IXP).

Target Audience

  • Technical staff of network operators who are considering participation at an Internet Exchange Point. The workshop is also suitable for technical staff of planned or existing Internet Exchange Points.


  • It is assumed that the workshop participants know how to use a router command line interface, do basic router configuration and have good working knowledge of an IGP (OSPF or IS-IS) and BGP fundamentals. The lab exercises use Cisco IOS configuration syntax.

Workshop topics

  • BGP introduction
  • BGP attributes, policy, and filtering
  • Peering objectives and Best Practices
  • IXP Network Design and Operations Best Practices

Workshop Items

  • Agenda (includes links to presentations and schedule)
  • Instructors: Jessica Wei (APNIC)], Bayani Lara (ASTI)
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