Intro to Network Automation Tutorial

Dates: 22 Feb 2022
Location: APRICOT 2022
Venue: Online


  • Does Network Automation mean the same thing to everyone? Especially given the different vendor specific narratives and the diverse set of standards/frameworks.
  • This tutorial will:
    • Look at the 3xWs of Network Automation (What? Why? and When?), and
    • Provide an overview of the two most widely used tools: Salt and Ansible.

Target Audience

  • Anyone involved in Network Operations and interested to explore/leverage Network Automation principles and tools.


  • This tutorial covers the basics of automation.
  • It is assumed that the tutorial participants have working knowledge of networking and are familiar with networking protocols.

We recommend the following Academy courses be completed before the start of the tutorial:

Workshop topics

  • The 3Ws of Automation: What is Automation? Why Automation? When to Automate?
  • Picking the right tool.
  • Architectural overview of Salt and Ansible (and their suitability for different needs).

Other requirements

  • Hardware: It is highly recommended that participants bring their own laptop computers for lab work.
  • Software: SSH Client, Telnet Client

Workshop Items

  • Agenda (includes links to presentations and schedule)
  • Trainers: Md. Abdul Awal (APNIC), Muhammad Moinur Rahman (APNIC Community Trainer)
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