Introduction to Software Defined Network Workshop

Dates: 6 - 10 September 2018
Location: Noumea, New Caledonia
Conference Website: APNIC46
Venue: OPT training centre – Le Lys Rouge, Level 5, 22 rue du General Gallieni, Nouméa centre ville


  • The emergence of SDN is having a disruptive influence on the world of data networking and is leading to a fundamental re-think of how networks are architected.
  • This workshop will provide an in-depth understanding of the key technology elements of SDN via a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises.

Target Audience

  • Anyone currently operating an IP network who is interesting in understanding the impact of SDN with a view to implementing elements of it in the near future.


  • Intermediate-level knowledge of IP routing, routing protocols, management protocols, MPLS protocols, traffic-engineering.

Course outline

  Market drivers for SDN and NFV
  Introduction to SDN:
      Control and data plane separation
      Architectural frameworks
      OpenFlow protocol
      SDN controller Northbound interfaces
      Topology discovery and management
      Centralised traffic engineering
      SDN controller Southbound interfaces
      Segment routing
      Path Computation Element Protocol

Other Requirements

  • Hardware: It is highly recommended that participants bring their own laptop computers with Wifi (b/g/n) and administrative access to system to practice the lessons learned during the workshops.
  • It is also recommended that laptops have Intel i5 or i7 processor, >=8GB of RAM, 30GB of free hard disk space, and a 64-bit operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X).

Workshop Items

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